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being ripped off? slow speeds & high cost

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  • being ripped off? slow speeds & high cost

    maybe i'm just revealing my ignorance and that this is common knowledge but i was surprised to learn that internet access is vastly superior and cheaper in other parts of the world!

    the "reporter" rambles a bit too much but the jist of the matter is pretty disheartening :-(

    being somewhat cynical, i'm guessing things won't change anytime soon!
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    Re: being ripped off? slow speeds & high cost

    Yep, nothing new. And it's all thanks to monopolies and a government that doesn't care.


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      Re: being ripped off? slow speeds & high cost

      Originally posted by amagab View Post
      Yep, nothing new. And it's all thanks to monopolies and a government that doesn't care.
      Free market and enterprise?

      You choose, you lose.
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        Re: being ripped off? slow speeds & high cost

        Yeah, it's ironic isn't it?

        I believe in the national policies of some of those fastest broadband countries: That fiber is infrastructure put in place by the government, to then be leased to any company wanting to provide broadband to the population. That is why you see such fast speeds at low costs.


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          Re: being ripped off? slow speeds & high cost

          Hey Shave Ice, hope all is well with you, am sorry have not email in a long while...


          that book " The Fine Print " looks rather interesting to purchase, hopefully will get me more infos than those 2 men babbling in the video ,

          Any ways, I don't think that companies will help you to lower your bills, sometimes you have to help your self out to help have them help you, by lowering your own cost, for instance, hubby & I were paying almost $200 for a contracted family plan just for the 2 of us, & we waited until our plan expired, so, we called to go with a non contract plan, so now we are paying half the cost, of now with T-Mobile of $100.00 for just the 2 of us with non contract plan.

          And with the cable, you need to look at what you can cancel out in order to make your monthly bill lower, I had to cancel show time, which brought it down to $148 (round figure).

          I think its as long as you continue to pay they will continue to give you the service nothing more/nothing less.

          If you can find a ways to get around to lowering your own bills, just do so. I don't think they would help in any way, fashion, or form, otherwise, they would have don so already. They really don't care how long/short you have been with them, all they care is that you can support your own bill with them, sadly to say .

          Also, you must remember, Oahu & the rest of the islands charges more, & the cost of living here is far more financially greater & I am not surprised that outside of Hawaii I.E. in some areas in the mainland are cheaper by comparison, & maybe probably even farther as Europe, in some places maybe.

          That doesn't shock me a bit.

          Only if were lucky that prices may go down literally with companies, maybe later than sooner.

          Bottom line, its your choice to let them continue ripping you off, or do something about it, & lower your own bills, because they sure wont help you at all !!.

          They will only help you to help your self by your request to make changes in their computer(S). Nothing more/Nothing Less is what I found out in hard way.

          Sometimes with cable companies (especially oceanic) what I find humorous is that, they would charge a few dollars just to push a button in their computers/office to make changes if you want more of this & that, & sooner or later your bill is up again.

          Its all about money, unfortunately. I think.

          And that's my 2 cents.

          Take it, or leave it. lol. :-p

          Chau. :-)
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            Re: being ripped off? slow speeds & high cost


            I feel the need for speed.


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              Re: being ripped off? slow speeds & high cost

              The lack of a serious competitor to Oceanic here in Hawaii is really a pet peeve of mine. They claim they have the fastest internet in Hawaii but what good is speed when the quality sucks. I might be getting 20Mbps through Roadrunner but the QoS suck.....usually around 50-60%. Through T-Mobile HSPA+ the QoS is around 70-75%.

              To show that QoS is just as important as mbps:

              The other day I made a comparison between Roadrunner and T-Mobile.

              Roadrunner speed and QoS: 22Mbps / 61%
              T-Mobile speed and QoS: 5Mbps / 79%

              I streamed a 5 minute video on YouTube. Can you believe it had to buffer 3-4 times throughout the video when streamed through Roadrunner????? On T-Mobile it didn't buffer a single time once the video started playing. And yes, I did clear the cache between each test. I repeated it several times just to make sure I wasn't mistaken. Go to hell with Oceanic's speed boasts!


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                Re: being ripped off? slow speeds & high cost

                It's always fascinating to probe and compare those pipelines.