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experimenting with SSd drives

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  • experimenting with SSd drives

    I recently purchased a 120 gb Intel ssd for testing.

    The results were dramatic.

    An OS install that took 53 minutes with spinning platters

    took about 17 minutes onto the new drive.

    After installation the system booted up in about 16 seconds.

    As I see it , its best to load ones operating system of choice on a lot of RAM
    and then perhaps a virtualbox.

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    Re: experimenting with SSd drives

    i had installed a kingston 128GB ssd drive into my kid's macbook pro after the original hard drive started ticking.

    it lasted a little over a year and it, too, died.

    i have since replaced that ssd with another. i don't recall the brand. it was on sale at a local fries... was cheaper and is 180GB.

    the performance difference from a 'regular' hard drive to a ssd is incredible!



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      Re: experimenting with SSd drives

      Howdy Joel
      i am really going to be careful with too much use of that drive.
      Again, the device is under test and intensive scrutiny.

      The drive works with very little power After long use it was barely warm to the touch


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        Re: experimenting with SSd drives

        happy aloha friday!

        and, yes! no moving parts so i imagine that helps keep power consumption and heat low.

        enjoy the bootup speeds