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Lithium Ion Batteries aviation

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  • Lithium Ion Batteries aviation

    There has been a serious problem with the devices.

    Lap top battery fires are one thing, but being ditched in the ocean in a

    plastic aeroplane is really much more annoying.

    Lithium metal will ignite on contact with Water.

    The flames are a scarlet color, and there are some views of laptop fires at


    Don't try this at home.
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    Re: Lithium Ion Batteries aviation

    As an update I was listening to NPR yesterday and it was an account of the battery

    fire on the ill fated aircraft.

    Shortly after the passengers deplaned at Boston,the cleaning crew came aboard.

    A large amount of smoke was seen and the janitors got out very quickly.

    When the fire crew arrived there was nothing they could do to put out that

    type of fire. For one thing, the smoke was so thick the firefighters could not see what to extinguish.

    I think , in part, this was the result of outsourcing gone wild.

    Marissa may have some thoughts about this.
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      Re: Lithium Ion Batteries aviation

      Fortunately, an alternative is on the horizon. A couple of researchers have found a way, using old CD disks, to make super capacitors out of graphene (look it up).
      They have found that successive layers of this carbon derivative can make a super capacitor that acts like a rechargeable battery, with some positive changes. It recharges very fast, and holds a charge for longer than conventional batteries. It puts lithium batteries to shame - drops them in the back seat, so to say. Plus, they are totally biodegradable.

      A s soon as the technology is perfected, w e will see a jump in energy storage that will revolutionize ALL industries (I predict), and will revolutionize miniaturization, as well.

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        Re: Lithium Ion Batteries aviation

        This is indeed true.

        The Graphene substance is Carbon spread out like a pancake in a

        single layer sheet.

        The basic geometric structure is a lattice of hexagons, looking

        like a chickenwire fence.

        The Diamond form of Carbon has an Adamantane shape and is structured as a crystalline form.

        Graphite is sort of in between .

        It's lubricant properties are from tightly bound water molecules between the layers.

        This was verified during early space experiments.


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          Re: Lithium Ion Batteries aviation

          The thin sheets of Graphene have places where the photosynthetic molecules

          like Chlorophyll may be attached using the carotene string .

          The molecule acts as an antenna (swiss quad) and an electron is supplied to the sheet.