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New hands-free electronic devices law

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  • New hands-free electronic devices law

    The purpose of this Act is to prohibit the use of cellular phones and other mobile electronic devices while operating a vehicle, with certain exceptions, and to specifically prohibit activities such as texting, instant messaging, gaming, and e-mailing, which take a driver's eyes off the road, mind off the road, and hands off the wheel.
    (a) No person shall operate a motor vehicle while using a mobile electronic device.
    (b) The use of a mobile electronic device for the sole purpose of making a "911" emergency communication shall be an affirmative defense to this law.
    (c) No person under eighteen years of age shall operate a motor vehicle while utilizing a hands-free mobile electronic device, except for the sole purpose of making a "911" emergency communication.
    "Mobile electronic device" means any handheld or other portable electronic equipment capable of providing wireless or data communication between two or more persons or of providing amusement, including but not limited to a cellular phone, text messaging device, paging device, personal digital assistant, laptop computer, video game, or digital photographic device, but does not include any audio equipment or any equipment installed in a motor vehicle for the purpose of providing navigation, emergency assistance to the operator of the motor vehicle, or video entertainment to the passengers in the rear seats of the motor vehicle.
    From the SB:

    Hawaii drivers no longer may to use hands-free electronic devices while driving, under one of two traffic-safety bills signed by Gov. Neil Abercrombie today. The law took effect today.
    House Bill 980 extends the ban on electronic devices while driving to hands-free devices such a Bluetooth cell phone earpieces.
    Bye-bye chatting on the cel phone while driving, even with a device stuck in your ear. [Or, is it just that under 18 cannot use a hands-free device, refer to A-C above?]
    Now run along and play, but don’t get into trouble.

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    Re: New hands-free electronic devices law

    While I am all about driving saftey, this seems a bit excessive.

    We have hands free laws in D.C., you must use a hands free device, or face hefty penalties should you be caught in the District on a mobile.

    I don't understand how using a hands free device is any more distracting than talking to someone sitting right next to you in the car.

    I run all calls through the car stereo. Radio cuts out, call comes in, I talk/listen/have a conversation, no problem. How is that any different than someone sitting next to me in the car, having the same conversation?

    Hell, I can even say to my set-up: "Email so and so", dictate a message, have it sent. No problem.

    Not using ANY mobile device, PERIOD, seems a bid like overkill, especially considering how many new vehicles FEATURE integrated calling/texting/emailing, everything mobile related into the new features of the vehicle!

    An email from God:
    To: People of Earth
    From: God
    Date: 9/04/2007
    Subject: stop

    knock it off, all of you

    seriously, what the hell



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      Re: New hands-free electronic devices law

      Some legislators have good intentions but a poor grasp of technology in

      I recall Newt saying, last week, he did not not know what a smartphone was.

      The same ignorance seems to prevail in the matter of Cannabis legislation.

      There was a great song called "Wildwood Weed" .

      After the sheriff left, those Hillbillies were laughing and sitting on that

      bag of seeds.


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        Re: New hands-free electronic devices law

        The statement that bluetooth hands-free devices would also be banned was a Star-Advertiser error.

        The article:

        Still has the incorrect headline embedded in the URL: "Drivers must go Bluetoothless under bill signed by governor"

        The new headline: "Governor signs statewide ban on drivers' use of hand-held mobile devices"

        And now there's a correction: "Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly said the ban on hands-free devices would apply to all drivers; it applies to drivers under 18."

        The incorrect interpretation of the law in the original article had exploded on Facebook and in the comments before the Star-Advertiser quietly fixed it.


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          Re: New hands-free electronic devices law

          Ah ha, so the quote from the Bill turned out to be the correct source of info.
          Now run along and play, but don’t get into trouble.


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            Re: New hands-free electronic devices law

            Confusion aside, this law doesn't mean a thing unless there's enforcement. Every day I still see dozens of people using their hand-held cell phones while driving.


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              Re: New hands-free electronic devices law

              I see that all the time too, cel phone junkies absentmindedly chatting away with one hand holding the phone and the other clutching the steering wheel, often while cutting me off during a lane change or taking a too wide swing at a corner.
              Now run along and play, but don’t get into trouble.


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                Re: New hands-free electronic devices law

                Perhaps one of the most eye catching are those who shave on the way to


                The sight of those well tanned legs up on the dashboard can a drive a person wild.
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