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  • Instagram in motion

    Famously acquired by Facebook for $1B (eventually coming down to $700M after Facebook stock fell), the "square photos with filters" app now has 130 million users. I was an early user of the app (actually, I started on Burbn, the app that became Instagram), and definitely saw the appeal of a simple, straightforward, image-centric social network.

    The story goes that Twitter was also hoping to acquire Instagram, and that Instagram's current success is now a thorn in Twitter's side as it struggles to challenge Facebook's massive dominance. Twitter did buy Vine, an app for sharing short video clips instead of photos, and for a while, it was growing like gangbusters, hitting 13 million users in four months.

    But now Facebook has added video clips to Instagram.

    In the first 24 hours since the feature was added, five million videos have been uploaded. A lot of the most popular users on Vine have simply left the service for Instagram, which obviously already has more users and thus offer a bigger audience, anyway.

    Given its size, and it's Facebook links, I think Instagram is basically going to snuff out Vine, as well as the many, many other attempts at creating the "Twitter for Video." Tout, Socialcam, Viddy, Vlix, Klip, I've used them all. But like Facebook, everyone is on Instagram. Why not focus creative juices there?

    Anyone here using Instagram? Ever tried Vine? Part of me misses the peace and quiet of the pre-video Instagram, but I have to admit, I've liked a lot of the clips I've seen from friends.

    You can find me on Instagram here!

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    Re: Instagram in motion

    I thought Vine was nifty, but something about the social aspect of it turned me off. Vine felt a bit show-offy, and people seemed to collect "friends" based on the quality of the video, where the slant on Instagram was (at least at first) slightly different: connect to people you're already friends with and see what they're seeing. Yes, people still collected followers on Instagram like they were some kind of meaningful social capital, but maybe because everyone was on it, it was easier to filter out the look-at-mes if that's what you wanted.

    I love Twitter. I like Instagram. I'm ambivalent on Vine. I dislike FB. It's tough to choose sides.

    I'm here on Instagram, but I won't friend you if I don't know who you are, so if you friend me, please identify yourself.
    But I'm disturbed! I'm depressed! I'm inadequate! I GOT IT ALL! (George Costanza)


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      Re: Instagram in motion

      Are fruit loops considered as fruits?


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        Re: Instagram in motion

        No make diff. I don't get "likes" anyway.