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Apple Pay and Google Pay at the gas pump

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  • Apple Pay and Google Pay at the gas pump

    I'm a huge proponent of mobile wallet payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc) and was happy to see that gas stations are now equipping their pumps with NFC readers. Since then, I've been on the lookout for stations with these upgraded gas pumps.

    It appears that any 76 station that has the new pump with NFC reader is ready to go. Aloha stations with NFC readers on the pumps are also good to go in most cases.
    On the flip side, Hele has stations with NFC equipped pumps, but they are not enabled. You can scan your phone but then you get a message that it hasn't been enabled. Same with Shell. The excuse I got from the regional Shell manager is that they only allow payments with their own mobile app (that is, they are trying what CVS failed to do). I have yet to see any Texaco stations with NFC readers on the pumps. So for now, I'm only chasing Aloha and 76.

    I created a Google Map for this purpose. I'm only adding locations where I have confirmed that my Apple Pay works at the pump. You'll find it here:

    If you have successfully paid with mobile wallets at the pump at stations not mapped yet, you can tweet them to me at @indicru