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Opera browser v8 released

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  • Opera browser v8 released

    The other non-IE browser, Opera, has announced release of v. 8. The 2 best new features, enhanced protection against phishing and text to speech, are items which Firefox does not yet have.

    "...Opera's extra security seeks to dampen "phishing" -- jargon for when a hoaxer's Web site tricks users into typing out their bank account number or passwords by masquerading as a trusted site, perhaps saying "account update needed."

    Opera's solution is for the browser to display the underlying security certificate of each site -- an icon of a yellow padlock on trustworthy sites -- to help users judge reliability. It will also show where pop-ups come from.

    "If the site says one name and the security certificate another you might get suspicious," von Tetzchner said. No other browser had the feature, he said..."

    "Speechfying" text would also be invaluable to cell phone and Blackberry users who have problems reading teecy text on their microscreens.

    Opera interfaces are available for both mobile phones and the desktop.

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