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  • Little radios

    Not sure if this is the right area for this ... but ...

    I have a relatively inexpensive Sony Walkman FM/AM SRF-59.

    I'm willing to go to $100 or even $200 to get an FM-stereo radio which will give me good reception on KIPO. (This one is fine with KHPR).

    I'm not concerned about "hi-fi stereo" sound quality, but reception sensitivity.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

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    Re: Little radios

    I think when you're in the realm of portable, Walkman-type FM radio receivers, the FM parts are all almost entirely identical, built from the same components out of the same nameless factory, just slapped into a different, snazzy branded shell. (The same holds true for "bookshelf" stereos.)

    Rather than looking for a good radio, you might want to look into antenna boosters or other things that focus on the signal, independent of how you hear it. I know these things exist for cars and homes, but I've never seen one for a portable radio, unfortunately.


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      Re: Little radios

      regarding walkman-type radios, the antenna is part of the earbuds/phones you use. The circuitry utilizes the ground side of the wiring (black wire) as the antenna. If you're using shielded headphones (probably not) reception will be crap.

      When it comes to size, reception takes a hit. That's why good table radios still exist in this modern world and some of the best for reception are the C. Crane radios at
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        Re: Little radios

        I don't think Albert will be prowling around Honolulu with a table radio, but C. Crane does feature portable and other smaller units. The thing is, they crow most prominently about their AM reception, not FM.

        Anyway, the CC Radio Plus AM FM Long Range Radio is $135.


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          Re: Little radios

          Ryan is right. A person hardly wants a table radio unless he first owns a table.

          Interesting item on KHPR yesterday. Michael Titterton explained the history of why KIPO's signal is so weak (the original was interfering with communication channels). But they've passed the major hurdles for a relocation to Tantalus, with increased power. Probably won't happen until early next year, but CHEER!