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    This idea started after I watched KGMB's weather today, thinking to myself where can I get the font that matchest the station's font. Then I realized that other people may want other fonts they seen on TV.

    So, I'm calling out all of the geeks and internet searchers here, to help people find fonts that they can use.

    I just need the font's name that KGMB uses (and maybe the other 3 stations).

    Places to get fonts:
    Dafont (if anyone got anymore places, just list it)
    How'd I get so white and nerdy?

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    Re: Famous Fonts

    Finally, oh finally something I (sorta) know. (and I always feel dumb on these forums)

    Looks like the KGMB font is Futura Bold, thought it was Century Gothic but the B is a bit different.

    For free fonts, I always go to


    But if I specifically need to find a famous font I try and check

    Simply the best's famous fonts


    Font Expert

    If all else fails I either ask my classmates, or re-create the logo myself.


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      Re: Famous Fonts

      An acquaintance of mine has a collection of TrueType fonts here. My problem with all these lists of fonts is that I need better descriptions; fat lot of good it does to say "I want the one that KGMB uses for its news programs" if you haven't got a clue what it might be. It's like trying to use a dictionary when you aren't even sure of the letter the word you want starts with.