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  • Minivan DVD players

    My minivan has one of those fold-down LCD screens so that the rear seat passengers (i.e. the kids) can watch videos while you drive. The problem is, when I bought it they only offered a VHS tape player. These days, we buy DVDs only and barely watch our old VHS tapes. So it would be great if I could install a DVD player that would work with my van's system. (I checked with the dealer, and they don't offer any upgrades, so I'm stuck with aftermarket products.) The existing system has a set of those yellow-red-white AV input jacks, so there shouldn't be a problem just plugging something in.

    At first I was cruising CompUSA and looking at those portable DVD players with the tiny screens, but then I realized that I don't really need a screen, because I've got one already in the van. Does anybody sell no-screen portable DVD players? The other thought that I had was that, hey! the Sony PS2 can play DVDs... I could bring a PS2 into my van and hook it up, and when they're not watching a DVD the kids can play games instead. Of course, I'd also need an adapter to plug into an auto power outlet, and I know those aren't cheap.

    Anybody have ideas or comments?

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    Re: Minivan DVD players

    Dude, you need Xzibt to come and pimp your ride.
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