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Ipod owners rejoice: Apple settles lawsuit

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  • Ipod owners rejoice: Apple settles lawsuit

    Got this from the Kim Komando monthly newsletter regarding Apple Ipod owners:

    If you own an older Apple iPod, you probably have some goodies
    coming. The company has reached a settlement in a suit over its
    claims for its batteries. The settlement is contingent on the
    judge's approval.

    Assuming everything is approved, owners could receive a $50 store
    credit or $25 in cash. Owners of third generation iPods would
    receive a new machine.

    Plaintiffs in the suit alleged that Apple misrepresented the lifespan
    and playtime of the battery. The lifespan is particularly important.
    Dead batteries must be replaced by Apple, at a cost of $99.

    To participate, iPod owners must submit a claim form. The law firm
    Girard Gibbs & De Bartolomeo has posted the form on its site, along
    with information on the suit. That address is:
    Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.

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    Re: Ipod owners rejoice: Apple settles lawsuit

    I have the form in my hands right now, and it says (under the 3rd gen ipod claim):

    I request (check the following
    - replacement of the iPod's battery or (at Apple's discretion) a relacement iPod. ...
    - a $50 Store credit redeemable toward the purchase of any Apple-branded products or services (except iTunes downloads, iTunes music Store cards, iTunes gift certificates, or any other product redeemable for iTunes downloads or cash) at the the apple store (online) or at a kiosk (a computer linked to the apple store (online)) located in a "bricks and mortar" Apple retail store. ...
    Of course, the owners of the first or second gen iPod can get a $25 check or $50 store credit (same rules appy).

    I'll scan the documents first, then hopefully, they'll replace my iPod (the back is so scratched, that I could barely read the serial # needed for the form.)
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      Re: Ipod owners rejoice: Apple settles lawsuit

      Guess what? I just got something from Apple today regarding the Battery replacement. Basically, Apple will replace the battery for a fee of $29.95 plus tax. Looks like I have to fill out the application and put my credit card in also. After that, I supposed to mail it back to them, then they'll send me a box to send the iPod back for battery replacement.

      I expected the iPod to be completely replaced, as my 3g iPod has been sitting dormant for a few years now. Plus, with all of today's identity theft going around, I won't put my Credit Card number near a form I' have to mail.

      Its a little too late to let me use my iPod again Apple.

      EDIT: wow, a year later. Maybe they'll make a user replacable battery in the 6g iPod.
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      How'd I get so white and nerdy?


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        Re: Ipod owners rejoice: Apple settles lawsuit

        We got the same form. A "free" battery replacement for only $29.95! Since the regular price for such a replacement last time I checked was $99, it seems once again the lawyers in this class action are the only ones reaping any real rewards. But, well, we did sign on, thanks to the siren song of maybe having our older iPods replaced outright.

        'Sokay, Apple. I haven't believed any company's advertised battery life since my first portable device. And I eventually bought a new iPod, so I hope we're still friends!
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          Re: Ipod owners rejoice: Apple settles lawsuit

          Will all 3g owners receive a form or only those who have already replaced a battery?


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            Re: Ipod owners rejoice: Apple settles lawsuit

            You're only part of the "class" if you signed up last year when word was first put out that the suit was being filed. September 30, 2005 was the deadline. Here's the FAQ from the firm.