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New video game showcases virtual Hawaii

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  • New video game showcases virtual Hawaii

    From's website

    The Hawaiian Islands have gone virtual with the release of a new PC video game called Photo Hunt Hawaii.

    Developed by California based Spinapse, the game takes players to all corners of the state, from Diamond Head on Oahu, to Lahaina Boat Harbor on Maui, and all corners in between.

    Players accumulate cash by snapping the correct photos from an assignment board.

    You also get to answer questions about Hawaii's culture, history, and people to earn bonus money.

    "I think it'd be great for people who haven't been to Hawaii and even people who have and maybe just seen the periphery and you know stayed near the ocean," says president of Spinapse John Taylor.

    "I think there's a lot to Hawaii that people don't know about and this should get some of that across we hope."

    Taylor says the first version of Photo Hunt which focused on Yellowstone National Park won awards and was popular with both children and adults.

    Part of the allure is that Spinapse uses real film that is shot on location and not three dimensional mock-ups.

    Photo Hunt Hawaii utilizes 24 different scenes that take players to Hawaiian locations without actually being there.

    "We really worked hard to handcraft it and pull all the elements out and compose them in these scenes," says Taylor.

    "We felt like having true footage rather than some 3D made-up stuff was really important."

    The game retails for $19.95 and can be bought directly from the company's website.

    It runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP and Macintosh 10.2 or higher.
    Wow, another reason why I should just board up my room and stay in there for a while.

    I wonder how much locals will buy this game?
    How'd I get so white and nerdy?