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GTA:San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod (contains NWS links)

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  • GTA:San Andreas Hot Coffee Mod (contains NWS links)

    For those of you who are completely clueless about what the Hot Coffee mod is, its a mod for the PC version, where you can have sex with your Girlfriends after a date with them (ranging from drinks, dinner, dancing, or gang banging). You can even control the "speed" and "emotions" during the mini game.

    Originally, the PS2 version had the hidden code in the game, but since no one can modify it, it wasn't discovered until the PC version came out, where someone discovered this code and made a mod to unlock it. Based on this, ESRB is investigating it and will possibly change the game's rating from 'M' to 'AO' (Adults Only).

    Here's more info on it (includes pics and a video)

    my opinion:
    This game was already rated 'M' for the shooting, sex (from prostitutes) drug references, and corrupt gameplay (backstabbing, traitoring, etc), so if people under 17 got the game, its their fault.

    I've been playing the game since GTAIII came out, and the parent has to take some responsibility in watching what their child plays. Or, it'll be on the child's shoulders to learn what's right or what's wrong, and how they'll learn from it.

    And IMO, whoever installs (actually, you need to replace a few files) this mod, already puts the responsibility on their shoulders as they know what it does, and the sites who has them has warnings that its an adult mod. And FYI, there's similar mods with GTA, ranging from nude pedestrians, to sexual references in the game itself.
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