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Anyone got heat related computer problems?

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    Re: Anyone got heat related computer problems?

    Electronics are suseptible to heat and good heatsinking is vital to normal operation of an electronic component. With that said most electronics operate in a limited temperature range and Hawaii's tropical environment is not exactly conducive to hot-running CPU chips.

    But if you can maintain a proper air flow to reduce the BTU output of a CPU to a nominal room temperature of under 80-degrees, most computers can tolerate that albeit you will be slow-cooking your capacitors to oblivion probably in short time.

    If you cannot reduce the temperature, there is another way but it's a bit extreme. Seal the case and run the components in a near vacuum. Yeah right!

    But it's true, temperature and pressure are proportional to each other that's why light bulb filaments last longer in a vacuum-sealed bulb and radiators can boil at higher temperatures in a sealed radiator cooling system.

    Right now for practical purposes water-cooled CPU systems offer the best cooling for your CPU however if you could, try Sodium-cooling instead as they offer the better cooling over water or glycol.
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