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Phone company will offer new TV service

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  • Phone company will offer new TV service


    Time Warner Oceanic Cable, the dominant television provider in Hawai'i, soon will face a major new competitor, which could result in lower prices for all viewers.

    Hawaiian Telcom, the state's largest telephone provider, is preparing to launch a television service via high-speed phone lines as soon as August.

    Hawaiian Telcom would not say yesterday what it will charge, but a similar service on the Mainland charges $35 a month for 180 channels. Oceanic's standard service with 77 channels costs $41.70 per month, and its digital service with 198 channels costs $52.70, according to the company's Web site.
    The new technology that Hawaiian Telcom would use is known as Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV, and uses the Internet to send video to customers. Customers must have a special set-top box to receive the TV service.
    So, if the internet connection cuts out, or if someone unplugs the modem, no TV?

    (atleast its better than OC's situation, where if you need to reset the modem or no electricity, then there's no phone.)
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    Re: Phone company will offer new TV service

    Dancing around my MWH unit! Finally I going get Cable! Yipppeeee!

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      Re: Phone company will offer new TV service

      I'm hoping these guys start offering phone/TV/high speed internet access package deals. They can do it because they're already offering the services. Get all that service from one company with a smaller combined bill. Separately, my phone, internet access and TV bills total just over $100. If I went hi speed, it'd be over $120. Yeah, I'm still on dial up. Why, boddah you?


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        Re: Phone company will offer new TV service

        Hmmm...this should mean more advertising in the not too distant future...which will mean more commercial production...which will mean more wine on my table! Yippee!