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  • Stupid OS X Tricks

    I wanted to call this "Stupid Panther Tricks," but I thought Albert might take offense!

    Hey. We're running Panther on all our campus computers, and the students have taken lately to executing stupid control commands I didn't even know existed. They leave the machines set like this, and somehow the settings stay like that for the next unfortunate user.

    Most of the stuff is harmless: There's an apple-control-something command that reversed the colors in the display, for example. However, there's another one that turns your display into a slidey, wiggly thing that effectively expands the size of the desktop within the default display resolution, if that makes any sense. So you can actually zoom right beyond what's showing in your display, and there's more desktop there. It's extremely annoying for other users.

    I can't find a repository for any of this stuff, or tips on how to reset or undo these things. Any clues? Anyone? I have a feeling I should just be emailing this privately to Blaine, but in case any of you other Apple brains know what the deal is.

    Thanks, domo, gracias, and danke.
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      Re: Stupid OS X Tricks

      Control+Option+Command(Apple)+8 = bizarre... just tried it for the first time... neat if you like looking at everything in a black and white negative way.
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        Re: Stupid OS X Tricks

        You need to visit Mike Bombich's site:

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