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Mac OSX: Kernel Panic

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  • Mac OSX: Kernel Panic

    OK... I am starting this thread for our Mac users to share one of the supposedly rare occurances in mac land... kernel panics.

    Have you ever had one? Do you know what a kernel panic is?

    How often have you had one or them?

    For those of you old time Mac users, a kernel panic can best be described as a system freeze or better yet equivalent of the old system bomb that used to be present in Mac OS 9 and older days. This is when the computer locks up on you and the whole system goes down.

    I just had one moments before I made this post. I was making another post to this board (which got lost) when all of a sudden the black-grey kernel panic box came up and the system froze. The box had some text in it to tell me to hold down power button and restart computer which I did.

    When this occured I was running Safari, Word, iTunes, iPhoto all at the same time doing various things... I noticed things were beginning to go a little cuckoo with this iBook when the music playing out of iTunes began to skip every now and then... and then about 20 minutes after ... boom... kernel panic.

    All currently running processes stopped and data in ram gone... good thing it was only a post which I will think about later. The songs and files have not disappeared and that is good.

    Tell us about your Mac OSX kernel panics.

    BTW, this iBook G3 700 is running OS X 10.3.9 and has 640MB of ram to play in.
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    Re: Mac OSX: Kernel Panic

    Wow. I've never had a kernel panic on this machine (2GHz iMac G5), nor on my wife's Mac mini. I think my daughter's old G4 has seized up a couple of times, but not with any specific message or anything.

    I've actually been happy to find both major platforms relatively stable these days. Relatively. I mean, the Windows XP systems I use still crash now and then, but only when I was pushing my luck anyway... and they don't crash nearly as often as Windows 95/98/ME systems did.


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      Re: Mac OSX: Kernel Panic

      i've had quite a few kernel panics but never on a mac mostly on my *nix box while messing around with various distros Start your own blog now, for free! - my blog! - personal site DOWN ATM