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    Google is rolling out yet another feature, the Google Calendar application. It's iCal-compatible, which is nice. But will it hotsync with my Palm? It'll do me no good if my calendar is shackled to an Internet connection.

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    Re: Google Calendar

    I've been playing with this. I'm impressed by the ability to publish calendars, to incorporate other calendars into yours (overlaying them with different colors but keeping the data separate), and to automatically post to the calendar from a Gmail message that contains event information.

    So, you can have your Google calendar, and subscribe to your significant other's Google calendar, and see at a glance where you both will be, check conflicts, and the like. You can also already find things like sports league schedules and TV show schedules to supplement your calendar display. Neat stuff.

    And yes, it can also call in and display information from an iCal calendar as one of the separate calendars. What I don't think it does is fully synchronize, though -- so if I add an event via Google Calendar, it won't propagate back through iCal to my Mac and iPod. It's basically just another way to display data I've entered via my own systems/devices. Of course, I have no doubt some hackers are out there making a synchronizing utility... if not Google itself. After all, they are moving more and more onto the desktop.

    Rather than replacing everyone's Outlook or Palm or other calendar, their best bet is to excel at bringing all kinds of data together. If it's just as easy to check your calendar, address book, databases, or e-mail in one window, you'll probably be picking up that PDA or firing up that standalone application much less often.