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recovering deleted files

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  • recovering deleted files

    last night, a friend desperately asked for help cuz she placed some files in her recycle bin and emptied the trash! yikes! she said that she needed those files and wondered if there was any way to get them back.

    i'm not familiar with this subject but i told her to take a deep breath and with her laptop next to my desktop, i did a search and came across this site:

    there's a link on that page where you can download the free program and so i did, ran it on her laptop and presto! there was a long list of deleted files just waiting to be recovered! (the list depends on your search term, for example, .jpg or .doc)

    so if you ever need to recover a deleted file, give it a try.
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    Re: recovering deleted files

    OOhhh No don't tell me it's sooo! Arghh!
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