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EFF starts 'Stop the RIAA Petition'

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  • EFF starts 'Stop the RIAA Petition'

    Link to the petition

    To The United States Congress:

    We are the customers and former customers of the member labels of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). We love music and will gladly pay a fair price for it, but we are outraged by the RIAA's tactics in suing ordinary Americans for filesharing.
    read more at the link.
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    Re: EFF starts 'Stop the RIAA Petition'

    Frankly I have no sympathy for any of those folks sued by the RIAA.
    The content providers have every right to protect their copyrights.
    If they don't there won't be any reason new content will be produced
    in my opinion. Which if that happens, everybody loses
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