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  • Embedded Audio?

    I love the embedded video feature of sites like YouTube and ol' what's-his-name. Is there such an animal as embedded audio? I assume there is and I've probably experienced it without knowing it! I ask because...#1, I'm soooo untechie...#2, I have a CD of an interview with my dad and I'd like to add bits and pieces of audio to a web page I maintain in his memory. But, I haven't the slightest idea where to begin.

    I have a Mac, OS X.4, iLife 5, Quicktime player 7.x. I constructed my dad's page on which allows embedded video but I can't find this subject addressed on Blogger.

    Please feel free to PM me if you have any ideas!

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    Re: Embedded Audio?


    If the blogger site allows you to embed Quicktime video, simply save the audio as a Quicktime movie and embed it. It should work like a charm.

    If you really need help, email me off board or PM and I'll make it work for you.

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      Re: Embedded Audio?

      Thanks, Blaine...will do. I'll play around with extracting the bits and pieces of audio I want first! I have a self-imposed deadline of May 27 to get this uploaded to Pop's page. I'm sure he's shaking his ethereal head right now!