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  • Audio file question...

    ...not to be confused with audiophile!

    A friend of mine sent me a cassette tape of an interview with my dad. I had it professionally burned/copied/dubbed/whatever <g> to a CD. Out of that 51 minute interview I want to add a 5 min. segment to my dad's tribute web page.

    Not knowing any better, I edited that segment in iMovie (HD)! I was at the Apple Store for another reason yesterday and the employee assigned to me told me another way to edit it that went right over my untechie head! Since I'd already taken the time to do it in iMovie, she turned it into a Quicktime movie compressed for web streaming. She mentioned that once on the web page, it will have a little black box where video would normally go! She also renamed the file to exclude the .mov extension.

    My question is, after I upload this audio file to my ftp site, what html tags do I use to get that puppy on the web page?

    Or...have I just gone about this project in completely the wrong way? I have a personal deadline for this 2 weeks from today. Thanks for any input.

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    Re: Audio file question...

    Try this link. Hope you can finish the project soon.
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      Re: Audio file question...

      This is like that joke when someone tells you all of this important details, then asks you something completely different. LOL

      Anyway, I just googled and found this site.
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        Re: Audio file question...

        Thanks, Adrian...I think! And thanks to everyone else who's responded. There's just so much info out there that it became overwhelming for someone as untechie as I am!