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$100 Laptop Prototype Unveiled

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  • $100 Laptop Prototype Unveiled

    image of the laptop

    One Laptop per Child website.

    article source

    The One Laptop Per Child foundation unveiled the first working prototype of its $100 laptop at the Seven Countries Task Force Meeting on Tuesday. The device runs Fedora Linux and features a color screen, Wi-Fi, a 500MHz processor, and 1GB of flash memory.
    Starting off children on Linux I see... Amazingly, my laptop costed twice as much, but can probably last a bit longer (more specs).
    How'd I get so white and nerdy?

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    Re: $100 Laptop Prototype Unveiled

    I've been tracking this initiative for a while. It's interesting.

    The image on the website shows the laptop with a hand crank. One might think it's a joke, but actually manual power systems have gotten pretty efficient (note the explosion in crank-powered radios, lights, and other gadgets) and are in fact lifesavers for communities where there's no power.