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    Ok, these people have a lot of time on their hands. They got a bunch of external USB floppy drives and created a RAID array for their Macs.

    We work in the IT department of the college, and were inventorying equipment in the closet. We ran across a box of USB floppy drives that were just sitting there...looking very sad and lonely. We blew off the dust from them and decided to give them a second life. We also had to test the drives, and rather than waste the time to test each drive individually we thought it would just be easier to RAID them all together and test them all at once. So that's exactly what we did.
    Check these links:

    Anyone still use floppy disks today? I have a big pile of them and occasionally I need to get info off an older disk. For that I have one external USB floppy drive that I can use to access these older disks.

    The downside with the USB external disks is that they don't read the really old 800k or 720k floppies. For that I have to use an older Mac with a built in floppy.

    Most of the info on my floppies have been copied over to hard disc and CD.
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    Re: Floppy Drives

    I've seen this a few times, even tried it once.

    as for floppies i haven't used one in ages, don't even think i have any more Start your own blog now, for free! - my blog! - personal site DOWN ATM


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      Re: Floppy Drives

      When digital cameras first came out, our first model was a 1 Megapixel Sony Mavica that recorded on 1.44 MB HD floppy's. At full res', it could only fit 10 shots. Imagine, we paid $900 for a ONE MEGAPIXEL camera back then. Ouch.

      Surely Sony will soon be adding Blu-Ray Disc models to their video and Still camera line-up. One 200GB Blu-Ray disc should be enough to hold more photos and video than I could shoot in an entire year!
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        Re: Floppy Drives

        Wow. Just... wow.

        The last time I had to use a floppy drive, was to put my resume on it for someone to check it. And I had to go downtown just to load the file onto the floppy because there weren't any floppy drives in my home and I didn't have any money to buy one (but I will buy one with a media reader for my computer).

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          Re: Floppy Drives

          I just installed a floppy in my latest build for a client. I actually had to look hard for a floppy to test the drive.

          What's interesting is that you can find new uses (excuses) for utilizing that floppy slot on your computer case. I saw a multi-card reader built into a floppy drive (yes it included a 3.5" floppy drive). Now days you simply replace the floppy slot with a multi-card reader but this one puts everything in one neat package.

 sells a combo CD-RW/multi-card reader in one package as well. However before going out and buying one for an external drive enclosure, this unit requires you to run the multi-card portion to a USB header inside your computer (not a USB slot but the mobo header like most readers).

          Floppies may be old technology, but I still got data on some of them while my burned CD's of 10-years have faded rendering them unreadable.
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