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  • Xbox 360 laptop

    Ben was commissioned by a generous benefactor to somehow make a 360 "good to go" a la the Crunchwrap Supreme -- and since this is the great Mr. Heckendorn we're talking about, slapping a hinged LCD onto an out-of-the-box console simply wouldn't do. Instead, Ben spent three months designing and building the so-called Xbox 360p, machining a custom aluminum laptop enclosure by hand into which he stuffed a keyboard, 1,280 x 720 Westinghouse LCD, and get this -- even a custom-built water cooling system to replace the 360's stock, bulky heat sinks. The end result is a polished, professional looking (albeit heavy -- this machine weighs in at about 14 pounds) laptop complete with WiFi, USB ports, obligatory glowing green ring, and converged power supply so that the monitor and gaming system only require a single cable snaking out the back.
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    Re: Xbox 360 laptop

    thats pretty cool to bad the second sites giving me 403 Start your own blog now, for free! - my blog! - personal site DOWN ATM


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      Re: Xbox 360 laptop one in my family needs to know this! None of my vidiot sons!
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        Re: Xbox 360 laptop

        Very Cool...Is there a V8 under the hood too?

        I could really Awake to this game boy.

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          Re: Xbox 360 laptop

          that's a pretty hardcore hack.
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            Re: Xbox 360 laptop

            For the techies who just have to know what's under this hood, here's a look at the XBox 360, starting with a look at the outside packing box and progressing into the guts inside the chassis.

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