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    Yet another Google service that I suspect I won't be able to resist. In five words or less, Google Notebook is online portable bookmarks, Google-style. Soon, Google will own most of my life.

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    Re: Google Notebook

    thanks for the tip. sounds like yahoo's my web but better!
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      Re: Google Notebook

      I thought Google was going into the laptop business when I saw the title. LOL
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        Re: Google Notebook

        If I weren't already married, I'd marry several Google services... but for some reason, Google Notebook hasn't grabbed me yet. Despite the fact that I grok the metaphor -- an easy 'clipping book' for stuff on the web. Maybe it's because it requires a custom extension to clip and save stuff.

        FWIW, Yahoo's MyWeb is a different animal. It's a social bookmarking service, a la which makes sense, since Yahoo! bought The big question on users' minds is, will continue to stand alone, or will they all eventually be migrated over to MyWeb.

        The Google equivalent to (and Yahoo MyWeb) is Google Bookmarks, which allows tagging and provides interesting reports based on your personalized search history.

        But again, Google Notebooks seems to have a different concept behind it. I just need to better understand it.

        Right now, if I want to organize things I find on the web, say by topic or project, I just bookmark it, it, blog it, or e-mail it to myself. I'll organize and save things in whatever way makes the most sense given the information involved. Does Google Notebooks save information from the web as-is? Or would that information become inaccessible if the original site disappears?

        I see there's a sharing function (and a collaboration function, so several people can build a "poke recipe" notebook, for example), which may be the key... anyone want to share their notebooks so I can see what you can do with it?
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