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  • TV remote control eggs

    Okay I'm getting frustrated watching my 36-inch Panasonic TV set with a slightly elongated vertical height. Yes the foreheads are looking a bit more like coneheads.

    Now I remember reading in Electronics Illustrated about 20 years ago about being able to use the TV set's remote control to make what used to be internal adjustments now that everything is controlled by one microchip.

    In the past you had trimpots located on one of several boards inside a TV set to adjust things like Vertical Height, Linearity, Chroma levels, whatever. Only "Qualified" technicians were supposed to open the back to make those adjustment for fear of electrical shock.

    As TV sets became more processor-controlled, internal adjustment could now be made remotely via IR signals from your remote control. But you wouldn't see a button labeled "internal adjustments", you would have to push a combination of buttons on the keypad either simultaneously or in a certain sequence. These actions would bring up diagnostic menus on the tv screen which would then allow the service technician to make the necessary adjustments without opening up the set.

    Who else has heard of this (and it is a fact) and how can I find out what key combinations I must use to shorten my Vertical Height?
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    Re: TV remote control eggs

    Google is usually a good jumping off point. Or Google Groups.

    With this search string "Panasonic TV control" I got 800,000 results.

    This is the first link.

    What's the model number? Might even provide better search results with that.

    Sorry for the one line Paragraphs. Sleep deprivation kills what poor grammatics I have.
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      Re: TV remote control eggs

      Check out eeggs and search their hardware section.
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