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PCMCIA cordless phone card

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  • PCMCIA cordless phone card

    Okay here's my problem, I have 56K dial up internet speed where I am with no capability of going broadband (geographical limitations).

    Is there a PCMCIA card that can function like a 900 MHz cordless phone handset (with dialing functions via software) so I can wirelessly connect my laptop to my RJ-11 jack and get wireless internet at 56k?

    I've searched the web and cannot find such a device. It makes so much sense to develop one simply because there are a lot of us who cannot go DSL or Cable because of our remoteness (Kea'au), but would like to roam around the house with laptops and hook up to the internet albeit at Dial up speeds.

    Even if there is a cordless phone handset that has the ability to hook up to a laptop's internal RJ-11 modem jack would be a blessing.

    Right now my laptop is leashed to my desk and if I want to access the internet I have to unplug from the house jack in one room and plug into another RJ-11 in another. Boy I sure miss my RR with my Netgear LAN when I was in Manoa.

    Thanks for any help in this. There's gotta be a PCMCIA 900 MHz cordless phone card/base unit somewhere.
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