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Looking for a new router

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    Re: Looking for a new router

    This is based on all the home and office installations I do over a 2 year period.

    Linksys WRT54GL = a lot of failures, When it works it is great, power is average
    Belkin = OK but not powerful, I really don't like these.
    SMC = Powerful, runs hot, had a few burn out. but was replaced by SMC
    D-Link = When they work they work. average signal strength. lots of failures.
    Hawking = works great until it died a month later.
    Netgear = works gut signal is not great.

    Westel = worthless, weakest wireless I have ever seen.

    SMC is what I use the most. They have warrantied routers that were 2 years old and I recieve them in 2 days. Linksys makes you jump through hoops to get them to warranty a unit. D-Link is takes about a week.


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      Re: Looking for a new router

      Originally posted by Konaguy View Post
      I had Linksys DI-604 router for about 3 years. Then it became unresponsive and died. When I tried to connect it, the lights would just flash. Thus I had to buy a new Linksys router BEFRSR41.
      Oops, I meant a D-Link DI-604
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