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Question about copying a shortcut

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  • Question about copying a shortcut

    Is there an "automatic way" to copy the "other end" of a shortcut onto another hard drive? I want the file that the shortcut points to, to be moved onto my backup hard drive, and not the shortcut.

    There's a bunch of shortcut files in a folder I'd want to move, so it'll take me hours to do that manually.
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    Re: Question about copying a shortcut

    I can't see of any way to do that.

    If you were on a Linux box I'd say write a shell script that opened up the the shortcut file and use regexp's to get the file location and then copy it.

    I looked into doing a similar process using a MS batch file but unfortunately ms doesn't let you open up .lnk files. If you could some how figure out how to open up lnk file it would work as long as they were plain-text

    but thats probably more hassle than it's worth Start your own blog now, for free! - my blog! - personal site DOWN ATM