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    I recently got AIM to further my online experience.

    I'm a noob at IMing, so any tips and help would be good. And since this is full of local people (or people from Hawaii) maybe I can practice my pidgin.
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    Re: AIM chat

    I haven't IM'd in a while, except by accident (when discovering that XP sets you up and logs you into MSN Messenger automatically). The immediacy is the draw, I know, but frankly, I know I'd never get any work done answering short messages all day. Give me e-mail any day, where I can respond at my leisure and with a bit more thought.

    IM is becoming pretty mainstream, to be sure, including several players entering the corporate/enterprise space. So who knows, maybe someday everything will be IM, and people will look at folks who still use e-mail the same way we look at people who still send snail-mail letters today...

    I used to be pretty active (even providing support for a few websites via IM), and was therefore addicted to Trillian, a multi-service chat client that simultaneously logs you into AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, with an open SDK that can let you tap into other networks like Jabber and IRC.

    You can find my IM information through the integrated IM icons in the upper right corner of my posts (under the post count). Who knows, you might catch me online some day...