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  • Apple store looking for hire

    Found this thru for anyone who wants to work for Apple in Honolulu
    Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.

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    Re: Apple store looking for hire

    As a Genius, you will:
    * Provide frontline customer support at the Genius Bar, including hardware
    and software troubleshooting and diagnosis and basic customer product training.
    * Repair Apple hardware and software products.
    * Manage all aspects of repair workflow, including open repairs prioritization, case
    management, and service part order management.
    * Review all hardware product returns and re-qualify product for resale.
    * Provide technical support for in-house systems.
    Of all the computers, Mac is still the one most strongly discouraged by the manufacturer to open up and fiddle with. And outside of desktop publishing/video editing applications, even colleges focus more on PC when it comes to technical training. Whoever takes this job shouldn’t have too much competition.

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      Re: Apple store looking for hire

      As difficult as this position seems, it would seem to me that the work would actually be easy compared to fixing a PC. My theory is that since there isn't very many 3rd party manufacturers of Macs the parts should integrate easier than with PC's. Plus with limited resources most of the issues would either be software or swaptronics (pull one card out and replace with another)
      Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.