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Where can I buy a CD key for XP home?

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  • Where can I buy a CD key for XP home?

    I really screwed up this time.

    I thought that I could get rid of the trojan virus that was plaguing my brother's computer by reformatting and reinstalling XP, but now, I can't even continue the installation w/out the right CD key.

    My older brother upgraded the computer from Windows 98 SE, and since he upgraded it, he used an XP upgrade disk. I have a legit copy of XP on CD, and I used it, along with the computer's CD key that I extracted via a program.

    When I typed in the key I copied directly from the computer (copied and pasted it into a text file, then I copied that text file onto my iPod to make it viewable w/out a computer) onto the dialog box, it said that the key is wrong.

    My brother can use my uncle's computer downstairs for a while, but I really messed up this time.

    Anyone knows how to fix this problem? Is there anyone willing to have $40 (my bday money so far, I'll get more tomorrow) to give me a legit CD key?

    I really screwed it up thist time. PLEASE HELP!!!
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    Re: Where can I buy a CD key for XP home?

    Boy that's a good one. If I could buy a registration key Microsoft would go bust. You may have to just purchase the full blown XP (go professional if you can). Actually don't you need the reg key for Win98SE? Since you said you have the legit XP upgrade disk.

    I was told that it's not a good idea to do an upgrade to XP from any of MS's other OS platforms as your results may vary (that's a nice way of telling you the product may not work properly) That may have be your problem instead of a Trojan Virus.

    Don't you have the owners manual that came with your computer? The reg key should be there in a hologram. I have XP Pro so I don't think that key will work for you. Sorry.
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      Re: Where can I buy a CD key for XP home?

      1. I would double check you typed the right CD key for starters.
      I have installed M$ OS before and misstyping one part of
      the key will cause a rejection.
      2. At least on my XP Home Upgrade CD, I recall it checks
      any partitions on the hard drive. Make sure you have the
      full hard drive for XP installation.
      3. Bear in mind I would not try to install XP on anything less
      than 500Mhz/256MB RAM. I upgraded to XP from Me on
      a 700Mhz/192MB RAM computer. It worked fine except it
      was sluggish. On my new computer I have 2.67Ghz/512MB
      and XP runs perfectly. Essentially In a perfect world I would
      not run XP on anything less than 512MB RAM.
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