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Need help on building a computer

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  • Need help on building a computer

    I want to rebuild my boy's 1.2Ghz Celeron computer. It's on an ATX motherboard but has limited expansion slots. I wanted to install an old Radeon 7500 Video card to give him better graphics than what's on the ATX board itself but the expansion slots on this computer doesn't accept this card.

    I looked at Tiger Direct and they have this barebones system for $29.00 after rebates and it uses this: ECS PM800-M2 Socket 478 Motherboard. Can my old 1.2 Ghz Celeron processor fit on this motherboard? If not how much would a processor run and how fast are we looking at? My boy's memory is the older PC133 256Mb of ram will that fit on these new mother boards as well?

    I've never built computer of late so this is all new to me.
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    Re: Need help on building a computer

    I would check out they sell motherboards
    too. I'm not sure how the 1.2Ghz processor would be compatible with
    newer motherboards.
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      Re: Need help on building a computer sells some of the best products for computers at the cheapest price.

      Who made that computer?

      If you want, then I can come by and check it out (that's the first time I'm able to say that on a message board).
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