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    Re: Favorite Mac Software

    The dearly beloved acquired a Mac Book Pro recently and I am completely in love with iWorks. Unbelievably easy to create spreadsheets and all manner of cool things that are so difficult in other apps created by "he who shall not be named". Everyone should have iWorks!


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      Re: Favorite Mac Software

      Here's what I use on a very to fairly regular basis.

      Adium and iChat - IM clients
      Adobe Creative Suite - I mostly use Photoshop and InDesign
      Final Cut Express - the "lite" version of Final Cut Pro
      Handbrake - DVD ripping
      iCal - keeping me on schedule (calendar)
      iPhoto - keeping my memories (photos)
      iScrobbler - sends my recently played tunes to my profile
      iTunes - keeping me entertained (music/video)
      Mail - keeping me in the loop (email)
      QuickTime Pro - video player; useful for video conversions
      Safari - primary web browser
      Snapz Pro X - screen capture program
      VLC - alternate video player (especially for FLAC files)
      WireTap Pro - record streaming audio

      And for widgets:
      FrameURL - lets you make a photo as a widget
      Unit Converter
      Weather (widgets for Honolulu and San Jose)


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        Re: Favorite Mac Software

        World of Warcraft. *nods sagely*

        Seriously, most everyone mentioned the stuff I use (Adium, Quicksilver, Growl, etc). A couple additions; a) GeekTool and b) BBEdit

        I used to use Google Notifier for calendar and email stuff, but recently removed it (mainly because I set up IMAP to sync my mail between my various devices).

        I've been pretty happy with FireFTP for a free FTP client.


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          Re: Favorite Mac Software

          on occasion, I like a Big Mac, or a Mac Chicken...oh wait. Wrong Mac.

          I need to get geared up for my next laptop, cause I am going Mac, all the way. I have been impressed so far with what I have seen, and want one.

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            Re: Favorite Mac Software

            3-d rendering ... free ...
            just started:


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              Re: Favorite Mac Software

              One more list ...
              just started:


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                Re: Favorite Mac Software

                Am I the only UNIX nerd in the house?

                I couldn't do without darwinports.
                I am Jack's absent signature.


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                  Re: Favorite Mac Software

                  A new list from Mac Tricks and Tips:
                  just started: