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Biting the hand that feeds him

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  • Biting the hand that feeds him

    So the Maui Mayor and all the County Directors are getting pay raises, and one of them, Mike Foley, the Planning Director, decides to be sour grapes about his "piddly" 5.9% increase.

    "..."I certainly appreciate the raise, but I think it was inadequate," said Planning Director Mike Foley, who got a 5.9 percent raise that was lower than several directors’ who were previously on the same pay scale as he was.

    He said he didn’t think the raise took into account the difficulty of his job, and said it left the salary inversion issue unresolved in his department, where one employee still makes about $5,000 more than the director.

    "It’s kind of a strange, awkward position to be supervising someone who makes significantly more money than you do," he said..."

    How many of us have ever been given a 5.9% annual salary increase in our life (well, I did once, but only because of a salary freeze for a year)? If he wants to make the big bucks, he should go into the private sector! You don't go into government work thinking you're going to be rich... I think $91k is a pretty damned good salary in Hawai'i.

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    Re: Biting the hand that feeds him

    Amen Sista! He sure sounds greed-driven to me. I would kill to make 91K.
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      Re: Biting the hand that feeds him

      How quickly they forget how much us "peons" survive on. Oh what I could do with 91k.


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        Re: Biting the hand that feeds him

        Howzit, just got on da boards, Aloha!!!

        Dis guy is lolo, must be from da mainland(no disrespect to the braddah and sistahs dea).

        91G, das plenty scripts, dat would buy ALOT of Poke, but I guess he doesnt see it dat way.


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          Re: Biting the hand that feeds him

          Maybe Foley should try opening his own small business in Hawaii and working 24/7. Might make him appreciate his underwhelming, small pitance of a $91k salary. Geez, if I was making that I could buy the condo next door to mine and increase my living space from 400 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. Nah, never mind...that would mean 3 more rooms to clean!


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            Re: Biting the hand that feeds him

            If I had 1/4 of that ...I could move out of MWH!

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