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  • Places to Eat in Honolulu

    I know-it's a million and one ,but can we have a short summary from locals?
    Ok.Let's get it straight. I am not a "posh" tourist, but I do like nice places!

    Tell me-is it worth visiting "House without a key" for a nice sunset sitting, "Roy's" for dinner, "Cheesecake factory" and "Duke's"?
    Also-what's "Leonard's bakery" is about?

    I know there is a few good places to eat in Ala Moana shopping center-could you point out your favorites? (in Ala-Moana and in general)

    And could you please tell me an approximate prices for breakfast,lunch and dinner that local people would consider reasonable?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Honolulu-recommended places to eat.

    Kleo, one word.


    Wait. Check our FAQ.


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      Re: Honolulu-recommended places to eat.

      There are a number of great food blogs you can check out about restaurants in Hawaii:

      And of course :P
      Eating my way through restaurants at

      Growing a local Hawaii food blogger community at


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        Re: Honolulu-recommended places to eat.

        Local food blogs like those Dyasu mentioned (thanks!), including the many others they're linked to, are indeed rich with "inside scoops" on places that otherwise may not be mentioned in the mainstream media (except for HT of course!). If you're into "hidden gems", that's where to look.

        Then there's our two daily papers who, each year, hold a people's and critics choice awards of "Hawaii's Best" by cuisine category. Here's those listings:
        Honolulu Star Bulletin - Hawaii's Best 2007
        Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii Best Restaurants 2007-2008 is also a useful resource of user reviews covering the local restaurants, with some showing absolutely no reservations in what they say about the places discussed. lol
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          Re: Honolulu-recommended places to eat.

          It truely depends on what you want to eat. Without knowning your preference it would be hard to recommend something to you.

          Are you a hot dog person or does a hamburger over rides that desire for a hot dog, or pizza or chicken or you have to have bacon in that burger?

          The Ala Moana Food Court is one place that has different types of food in a location and they would normally charge around $8 to $15 per person for either a lunch or dinner meal as a fast food type of place.


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            Re: Honolulu-recommended places to eat.

            Thank you all so much for the web sites!

            I like steak, seafood,chinese food,I also eat hot dogs & hamburgers

            However I try to watch my weight and I have heard that you have a really huge portions out there, so I have to be careful

            I would like to try some traditional Hawaiian food...and sweets!


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              Re: Places to Eat in Honolulu

              A few suggestions off the top of my head:

              Hawaiian: Ono Hawaiian Foods
              Steak: Hy's Steak House or D.K Steak House
              Seafood: LaMer
              Chinese: Pah Ke's
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                Re: Places to Eat in Honolulu

                for sweets, you should try the Coco Puffs from Liliha Bakery!

                I'd rather be ... LOST



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                  Re: Places to Eat in Honolulu

                  Mahalo MixedPlateBroker & kanahina!

                  With my new travel guide that I have just bought, I allready have another question!

                  Where can I try kalua pig, roasted underground in an imu?