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  • Shellfish allergy

    Okay, I tried the search and no luck. Friends coming in this week from the East Coast, and I find out today that one has shellfish and egg yolk allergies. So I must throw out my recent ideas for good restaurants to visit and beg for suggestions from y'all.

    I think this new info rules out most of the Asian and seafood places I can think of (all my favorites)....I seem to be braindead about any other suggestions. I have until Tuesday to come up with a new plan. All I can think of is a steak house and fast food.

    Dadgum...I was so looking forward to our planned restaurant list.....

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    Re: Shellfish allergy.....

    What kinda search did you try? By chance have you checked to see if your fave restaurants have an online presence? If some do, then check the web sites to see if menus are posted. If so, have your allergic friend look at the menus to see if anything on the menus appeals to him/her. Then you or your friend can call the restaurants to see if any offending foods are used. A lotta work? Yup! Anytime you're dealing with allergy issues you have to pre-investigate! And that goes for all restaurants.

    Another option is to call your favorite restaurants to ask what dishes exclude the offending items then keep that list with you.

    I'm sure your friend is used to making inquiries in restaurants. It's a way of life for allergic people.

    I have a friend who is allergic to mango. She'll go to any restaurant but when the waiter takes the order my friend goes into full-on, Perry Mason mode.

    You might not be as limited as you think but it will take some investigative work.


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      Re: Shellfish allergy.....

      Thanks, tutu.... My search was here on HT 'cause I was sure that there had to be a thread about it, but not that I could find.

      I wanted to take them to Yoshitsune at Park Shore (been there twice and loved it both times) but I was afraid that all Japanese cooking would have contact with some kind of shellfish, and I remember egg custard as part of the courses, too. I really do need to call around to several places so we have a choice. They start flying out tomorrow.

      My family is lucky--no food allergies. I have treated those with severe allergic reactions, so I can understand the full-on Perry Mason! If I get too deep into cleaning several pounds of shrimp my lips start to itch, but I can eat it without a problem.


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        Re: Shellfish allergy.....

        Hy's Steakhouse. Always good.

        Then there's 3660 on the Rise. If you ask they can tell you what dishes might be allergen-free if you let them know what you want to avoid.


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          Re: Shellfish allergy

          Thanks for the suggestions! Looking over them online....


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            Re: Shellfish allergy

            Check out these online sites for hints about food allergies and restaurants:


            And, this card is handy, especially for travelers who are eating in unfamiliar restaurants:

            As you can probably guess, yes, we have a food allergy in our family.
            Now run along and play, but don’t get into trouble.


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              Re: Shellfish allergy

              Thanks, amati! I love the cards, and if I had an allergy I would have those. So we have decided to clarify the extent of the allergy with said friend, and to avoid Asian and seafood restaurants. She can decide from a list of several. We plan to offer the following (looking for more casual, less costly fare, mind you):

              Cafe Olive
              The Pineapple Room
              California Pizza Kitchen

              So we will see what happens. Thanks to all for your help! I love HT!