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    While often used interchangeably, I suspect the differences between onigiri and musubi stem from the roots of the words.

    Musubi -- from the verb musubu, to wrap or tie. Musubi tend to wrapped in nori, etc.

    Onigiri -- from the verb nigiru, to mold with the hands, as in sushi. Onigiri tend to be variously shaped and unwrapped. Although for the most part onigiri seems to be the word used for any riceball wrapped or not.

    As for the chopsticks in the rice... at a funeral, a small bowl of rice is set out in front of the body, and the chopsticks are stabbed into the center. This is the only time you see this, so when someone inadvertently does this it, it's quite awkward.

    Also, don't pass food to another person chopstick to chopstick. The only time this is done is at the crematorium when family pass the unburned bones along from the table to the urn. Best to pass the plate so they can grab the food themselves.