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Sriracha hot sauce APPRECIATION thread

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    Re: Sriracha hot sauce APPRECIATION thread

    My BF just made an awesome dinner of vegiburgers with lettuce, tomato, and grilled eggplants (all veggies from our garden), topped w/ cheese and rooster sauce, with a side of fries, with a combination of vegenaise and rooster sauce!! YUM!!
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      Re: Sriracha hot sauce APPRECIATION thread

      Originally posted by scrivener View Post
      I like hot sauces, but usually prefer the simplicity of Tabasco (peppers, salt, vinegar), mostly because I am also a vinegar fiend. However, on certain foods, Sriracha cannot be substituted. It appalls my Filipino friends that I almost always put it on chicken adobo or pork adobo; I also prefer it to Tabasco on heavily garlic-flavored foods. Yes, Sriracha is good food.

      wouldn't appall this pinay, scriv. half the time i cook adobo, i'm plopping into the pot big spoonfuls of that stuff. maybe someday i'll feed you my sriracha-ed pork adobo and give you some kona or black butte porter to wash it down. *wink*

      sriracha is also good in corned beef hash with some cumin.

      as for the vietnamese ketchup thing, i always thought that nickname came because at vietnamese restaurants, a bottle of that red sauce is as ubiquitous as american ketchup is at american diners. i wouldn't have guessed it was said disparagingly because it's made of jalapenos versus, let's say, bird peppers. jufran banana sauce is similarly called filipino ketchup, i understand. and jufran comes in regular and spicy versions.

      not that i'm a chili aficionado, by any means. twenty-five gs might be just sufficient to convince me to ingest a three millimeter bit of bhut jolokia. course, i'd need two gallons of milk plus a pint of ben & jerry's americone dream ready to snuff the heat. plus vaseline for later. *shrug*
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        Re: Sriracha hot sauce APPRECIATION thread

        Pinch your nose.


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          Where did all the Sriracha go? Bottles are being sold for $70 a pop (

          $70 a pop? Where do they shop?


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            Company to halt Sriracha production leading to concerns of possible hot sauce shortage (

            You can make your own hot sauce.