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  • Pancakes and pancakes


    2 cups flour
    2 cups milk
    3/4 cup water
    3/4 cup oil
    6 eggs
    1 scant teaspoon salt

    Beat all this together (I use a wand mixer) and then let it sit for an hour or so, or up to two days in the fridge). Heat a crepe pan (like a fring pan with half inch sides) or a frying pan to fairly hot, grease it by swiping with an oiled paper towel and then ladle a scoop of batter into the pan, keeping the pan on the heat and swirling the batter around (quickly, before it cooks and hardens) to cover the entire pan bottom.

    When the edges begin to curl up and be browned, loosen the crepe and flip it over to the other side to brown. Crepes can be piled onto a plate, one on top of each other, when finished, ready to be embellished....if you and the kids can wait, that is.

    Ours get sprinkled with a spoonful of mixed white and brown sugar a squeeze of lemon juice is optional. Or spread with jam or Nutella. Or applesauce. Or peanutbutter. Roll or fold them to eat.

    They can also be cooked in sugar and cointreau, and set alight as crepes suzette. Or stacked one on top of the other with jam and cut like a cake.

    Or filled with beef stew or anthing in a white sauce and then topped with cheese and baked or simply fried without the cheese. Or rolled and sliced into shreds and served in a good chicken broth as pancake with parsley.

    If the batter seems too thick, add a bit more water. The first one alwas gets stuck in the pan and trashed and goes to the dog.

    Dehdrated eggs can be used, just add more liquid. Dried egg makes the crepes have a bit more 'bite' to them...less tender but still good.

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    Re: Pancakes and pancakes

    A wonderful recipe but I've never tried the dehydrated eggs. As a tip ! go for a Grand Marnier Crepe.


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      Re: Pancakes and pancakes

      Originally posted by Barry View Post
      A wonderful recipe but I've never tried the dehydrated eggs. As a tip ! go for a Grand Marnier Crepe.
      I was coming back from Marseilles and sat on the roof of Charles de Gaule airport waiting for my flight.
      The guy making the Crepes on his trolley was a Master. !!!! I must have had five and would have had more but my plane to John Lennon was ready to leave.
      You know ? I would have kidnapped that guy, trolley as well, put him on the plane and brought him back here. He would have made a fortune.


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        ...can you reflect on those GM crepes some more, as far as taste, look, body, ingredients, taste, etc.?
        I'd like to see how the real deal stacks up against what is found on a net search. Any filling?
        Sounds interesting.