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  • Looking for local recipes!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here!

    So I live in Northern Europe, I don't have access to many essential things to make the foods I crave. Nonetheless, I try to make do with what's here, with varying degrees of success.

    One thing I cannot seem to find a substitute for is mochiko. The stores here used to carry the tried and true Blue Star brand, but no longer. I have tried using a Vietnamese product which matched the description (sweet rice flour). The texture of it seemed indefinably different, and it didn't smell the same. I tried to make chichi dango in a pan, like you might get for Girl's Day- your typical coconut milk, mochiko, sugar, baking powder recipe. It never failed me before. It failed, to say the least. Inedible, disgusting mass!

    So- given I cannot get 'real' mochiko here, is there anything I can use as a decent substitute? Like I stated above, I tried a Vietnamese alternative and that was a definite no-go.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance,


    Errrr.....embarrassingly, the title here is totally wrong. I AM looking for recipes, which somehow made me title this post about mochiko in such a way. I guess. Can't seem to change the title though. Sorry! Hell of a first post, huh?
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    Re: Looking for local recipes!

    Are we neighbors? I live in France.


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      Re: Looking for local recipes!

      Errr, arguably, I guess! I am in Denmark, a few countries between us.


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        Re: Looking for local recipes!

        Way more north.

        So, did you end up way up there?


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          Re: Looking for local recipes!

          I was going to suggest perhaps finding sweet rice instead and making your own, but that doesn't appear to be a very feasible solution. I understand the Korean stuff you got didn't do the job; perhaps you could look for some options from other ethnicities? The Wikipedia article on rice flour might give you a few leads in your local stores. Otherwise, you might have to consider shopping online. I wouldn't know where to find a Denmarkian source, but perhaps there are some places that ship internationally and don't charge a fortune?

          Don't give up. I've found Asian grocers in some of the most unexpected places, 'though I confess my experience doesn't reach quite to your part of the world. And if you find an Asian grocer who doesn't carry it, he or she probably has a source and can get it for you. Otherwise, we could find out what it would cost to send you some from here and see if that's worth it to you. I certainly wouldn't mind helping you out that way.
          But I'm disturbed! I'm depressed! I'm inadequate! I GOT IT ALL! (George Costanza)


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            Re: Looking for local recipes!

            Thanks for the responses!

            I'll try to answer whatever questions were posted. I came here with my BF on a trip and ended up getting married and divorced, now I'm here with a new family and work kind of keeps me here.

            The rice flour I tried was Vietnamese, not Korean. I now use it somewhat successfully to make mochiko chicken, so all was not in vain!

            I did consider shopping online, but there are several reasons this isn't the best solution, most of all cost. I think the same thing is true for your very generous offer, Scrivener, to send me some personally. Thank you so much for even thinking of something like that!

            I mean, yes, I miss my dual layered pink and white mochi, but not enough to end up paying 10 times the regular cost of something. I travel a bit due to work and have noticed that other countries are way better stocked than Denmark. Besides, I get home every year for Xmas.

            And to the poster who said something about making your own- is this really possible? Mochiko seems very refined and factory produced. But if there is a reasonable method and I could get what I needed, I might be game! In my childlike ignorance on the subject, I am hoping that one just grinds sweet rice in a processor until it turns into mochiko. I suspect though, that this is not the case.

            Thanks again for the offers and ideas, but I'm still hoping someone will come up with something that is a feasible substitute.


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              Re: Looking for local recipes!

              I know just how you feel. I've taken to making laulau with spinach, figleaves, local pork, force-fed duck, and river salmon.

              I've taken to carrying a list of 'wants' around with me, just in case I happen to be in a big town with an Asian grocery, or in case someone I know will be near a Chinatown. Or if someone kindly offers a CARE package from home.


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                Re: Looking for local recipes!


                I haven't clicked deeper, but maybe this will help?