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  • Good restaurant for parties ...

    This is still a ways a way but where is a good place to hold a pretty good sized party for about a hundred people?

    requirements >
    parking: fairly easy
    food: buffett
    location: would prefer nearer to central oahu but town is fine
    price: under $15 a head
    just started:

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    Re: Good restaurant for parties ...

    How about Natsunoya, one of the last of the old-style teahouses in Honolulu? They have good rooms, good food, and a great view from Alewa Heights.

    There's also Treetops, the restaurant in the old Paradise Park facility at the back of Mānoa Valley. The atmosphere is laid-back and the forest scenery is gorgeous.


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      Re: Good restaurant for parties ...

      For that price, you're a bit limited. I too was thinking Treetops, where my family has held several functions. Depending on the size of your group, you can get a separate room. You might have to park in a lower lot, but there's always space. It's in town, and easy to give directions to ("Just keep going..."). It's a buffet, but it isn't bad. (Well, some people hate it, but I always leave full, so... YMMV.)

      There's also Pagoda, which offers a lot of character but again the liability is probably the food. Parking could also be better.

      Willows is probably my favorite mid-size group spot (when you're going for the character), but you'd have to have a much bigger budget. And parking sucks.


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        Re: Good restaurant for parties ...

        I know they host functions at the ballroom in the Japanese Cultural Center. You may want to call and ask about prices, but I see ads for them all the time on TV.


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          Re: Good restaurant for parties ...

          Dave & Buster's has several interesting packages and they're nice to work with. I'm not sure about the fifteen bucks, but it's definitely worth checking out.

          Chan's Buffet in the airport-area has been known to host private functions. You're not going to get anything mind-blowing, but it's decent comfort food and it's all you can eat.

          Then there's Perry's Smorgy in Waikiki. I think it's twelve bucks. Again, nothing you couldn't make at home (except maybe the prime rib), but cheap and plentiful.

          Bonus information: If you're not married to the buffet idea, I'm a big fan of small- to mid-size gatherings at Elephant and Castle, a place I've always heard so-so things about but where I planned my faculty Christmas party two years ago. The manager's really great to work with, the food is good, the atmosphere is festive, and there are pool tables and dart-boards. Personally, I thought the food was excellent for the price.
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            Re: Good restaurant for parties ...

            If daytime I can recommend the Waioli Tea Room. The price is great, food is great, service great, atmosphere great! Terrific, delicious buffet. Big enough for a medium sized party.

            Robert Louis Stevenson grass shack was out back. It got blown down by windstorm a while back. They were supposed to rebuild.

            My yakudoshi was held there. Totally happy. The atmosphere is relaxed, laid back, casual, yet elegant.

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              Re: Good restaurant for parties ...

              I'd go with Willows.