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  • Fresh local fruit

    I am coming home to Honolulu for a short trip Sept 13-15. I am disabled and this is the first time I have attempted to make the trip. This will be to celebrate my 70th birthday and may be my last time there. I want to find Guava, Passion fruit, Dragon fruit, etc. Guava is my favorite. Where is the best place? I may not be able to go to the farmers market since Saturday night is the Aloha Festival...Any ideas.
    Mahalo Leilani

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    Re: Fresh local fruit

    You can find all of that very local to the airport, just at Don Quixote in Waikiki, they have all makes and models of local fruit. Fruit, if you can't just pick it from the road side, shouldn't be an issue, at all.

    Have a GREAT trip back, enjoy it to the fullest, and make the most of it! I can't wait to get back to where my heart pulls me!

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    knock it off, all of you

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      Re: Fresh local fruit

      To where my heart pulls me...That is a perfect way to put it...I need some healing too. I have some major spine injuries. Mahalo for the info.


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        The mango season that keeps on giving (

        Mangos with the right ripeness and texture are tops as far as fruits.