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L&L Corned Beef Musubi Eating contest

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  • L&L Corned Beef Musubi Eating contest

    L&L is sponsoring a corned beef musubi eating contest at the Kahala Mall at 10 a.m. this morning to celebrate Hawaiian St. Patrick's Day. Ingredients are corned beef brisket, a little teri sauce, rice, green shrimp flakes and nori to hold it all together.

    What will they wash these babies down with? Green Hinano Beer?

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    Re: L&L Corned Beef Musubi Eating contest

    Yuk! dey should have gone da tradional way... slice of brisket corned beef, a piece of boiled cabbage, tiny bits of carrot and potato, a dab of mustard, rice and hold it together with nori. Ono!
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      Re: L&L Corned Beef Musubi Eating contest

      The other local touches I can understand (musubi and all), but, teriyaki sauce? Corned beef has its own flavor. That'd be like putting teriyaki sauce on portuguese sausage. Odd.