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Broke Da Mouth Kine Snacks

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  • Broke Da Mouth Kine Snacks

    Remember those "Li Hing Mui" days? ... What about that small red balls made out of coconut?. And who can forget that all too famous "Crack Seed".

    Waite ... waite. Bet I can make your mouth watery with those ever eye squinting, Lemon Peels.

    Ok ... ok thats enough teasin' ... here's the place fo get your ono delicious broke da mouth line snacks.

    Click Here

    Oh by the way, I no work fo them or in anyway affiliated with them, I just wanted to pass this along so you all know where to get your island favorites.

    Just sharin' .... Aloha!

    Bruddah Rus
    What Name?
    Drink On Me!