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    Re: Best bento

    Originally posted by oceanpacific View Post
    I've been going to FUKUYA in Moiliili every so often for nearly four decades since my UH-Manoa days to create my "pick-your-own" okazuya bentos. Musubi, mac salad, cone sushi, hash patty, shoyu chicken, mahimahi, char siu pork, sweet potato tempura, and BBQ beef among my favorite items.
    Fukuya is excellent, but like every Okazuya, can add up if you want lots of variety. Unlike preselected bentos that already include a little of each at a set price.

    Case in point this Fukuya plate...

    All this was certainly oishii, but also costed $10.

    vs. this preselected Bento from Tropics...

    Pretty good variety, and just as satisfying and filling, yet only set me back $3.75.
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      Re: Best bento

      best japanese style bento is definitely imari on keeaumoku across from wal mart but their hours of operation aren't always dependable. i suggest the salmon bento with the takana rice..mmmm!

      sugoi's bento IS huge and yummy. eric and i were superfat after we shared one.

      zippy's is overpriced and it's not even real mahi anymore.

      i eat entirely too much.
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        Re: Best bento

        K's-Bento-Ya in Waipahu. The small one for $4.25, I believe, is filling. It used to be only $3.90.

        It contains:

        one plain musubi;
        three pieces of pressed sushi;
        small corned beef hash patty;
        1/2 shoyu hot dog;
        1/2 tofu tempura;
        three pieces boneless cayenne chicken.

        The chicken is deep-fried, has a shoyu-based glaze, and is very tasty.

        We've ordered these for UH football tailgates when we're too lazy to cook.


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          Re: Best bento

          For local kine bento, we usually go all the way to St. Louis Drive In and order their "supreme" bento or go next door to order okazu. For Japanese style bento, we don't find much difference between the offerings and prices of the major Japanese dept. stores. We just go to whomever is closest, usually Pearl City Don Quijote or Dillingham Marukai. There's a place at the 99 Ranch Market food court that sells bentos, but we found them to be very mediocre to just plain junk for our tastes. Even Mel didn't like their food so that has to account for something.


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            Re: Best bento

            I read about this place and their award winning bentos here:
            Going there today. I will give my input after...


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              Re: Best bento

              Here's a Flickr group dedicated to Bentos. Gotta love them!
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                Re: Best bento

                For those of you downtown, there is a new place at Remington College Bldg called "Sora" - their bentos are real Japanese style - lots of variety and good tasting. Prices are between $6-$8. Prepared fresh as you order them so you get fresh hot rice & other ingredients. They also have some noodles and other bowls on the menu. They've only been open a couple of weeks but are doing a really good business at lunchtime. They are located on the lower courtyard level.

                There is also a Vietnamese place on the lower level called "Pho Twin Bento" that has some good bentos - my favorite is the salmon, and then next would be the ginger chicken. They only bring in a limited number of bentos so sometimes are sold out. But, they're fresh and very tasty.
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                  Re: Best bento

                  Originally posted by skchai View Post
                  For a Japanese-style (as opposed to Local-style) bento, I really go for Imari's near the Samsung Plaza on Keeaumoku. Quantity, quality, packaging, everything. Check this out.

                  The one on the left is Ginger Pork, Aji Fry, and Unagi. The one on the right is Wafu (Japanese-style) Hamburger, Tonkatsu Chunks, and Chicken Karaage.
                  the japanese style hamburger with that ponzu sauce on it is killer. too bad they stopped offering the potato croquet - another of my favorites. they will never catch on though, the service is suuuuper slow. which is fine by me. if it gets too busy it will go the way of Zippys. for that matter - Sugoi's used to be awsome, it's slipped in the last few years. I guess that's what mass production does to quality.