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  • 12 best foods

    Reading the paper recently I came across an piece on the 12 best foods for health. They were : Black beans, blueberries, broccoli, dark chocolate, oats, onions, salmon, soy, spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and walnuts. Just wondering what are your 12 best foods?

    I like:
    2.Deep dish pizza
    3.Cake Noodles
    4.KFC Extra Crispy
    6.Spam Musubi
    7.Vanilla Ice cream(Blue Bunny)
    8.Frank's Foods Portuguese Sausage

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    Re: 12 best foods

    1. kau yuk with taro
    2. pork laulau (my own foot long tin foil version)
    3. red cooked beef brisket with tendon stew
    4. rare prime rib with au jus, horseradish, shoyu and tabasco!!
    5. lechon pig (whole roast suckling pig)
    6. char siu
    7. roast duck
    8. chinese crispy skin roast pork
    9. whole braised soy sauce chicken
    10. whole crispy skin chicken
    11. char siu or 5 spice turkey tails
    12. dim sum like manapua, pork hash, taro cake, jung etc...

    my list actually goes beyond 12 sooo...
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      Re: 12 best foods
      1. Katsu Chicken
      2. Beef Brocolli
      3. Orange Chicken
      4. Spare Ribs
      5. Pork Chop
      6. Donuts
      7. Ham Sandwiches
      8. Bentos
      9. KFC Chicken

      I can only think if 9, because I got hungry again (and I just ate)
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        Re: 12 best foods

        1. Tripe stew and poi
        2. Beef luau and poi
        3. Coconut squid and poi
        4. Pipikaula and poi
        5. Fried ope`lu and poi

        OKAY, change the menu............

        6. Roast Pork extra mac salad
        7. Beef stew extra mac salad
        8. Pinacbet extra rice
        9. Roast duck extra plate
        10. Pork and Peas with pimentos, of couse the mac salad.....
        bin dea-dunn dat.


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          Re: 12 best foods

          Oh yeah beef stew with mac salad but pour the stew over the mac and mix em all up with shoyu. Hoooya now das one cholestoral buster!!

          1) Shoyu chicken with the skin (it ain't chicken without the skin)
          2) Teri Pork plate lunch
          3) Roast Pork plate lunch

          Hmmmm you know I should just list the entire menu selection at L&L Drive In!

          Somewhere in that list I gotta put in my favorite...Kings Sweetbread with a good spread of butter after a day of surfing. Das what we used to call: The Magic Island Special! Simple but ohh so onolicious. Oh man I'm hungry now and to think I just had a plate lunch from L&L today...Chow Mein Char Siu and Chicken/Eggplant.
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            Re: 12 best foods

            Originally posted by pinakboy
            1. kau yuk with taro
            2. pork laulau (my own foot long tin foil version)
            11. char siu or 5 spice turkey tails
            12. dim sum like manapua, pork hash, taro cake, jung etc...

            my list actually goes beyond 12 sooo...

            These food choices are making me hungry. Although my arteries wouldn't be to happy with me if I ate those items often.


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              Re: 12 best foods

              1. Masala dosa

              2. Pani puri

              3. Samosa chaat

              4. Paneer makhni with tandoori naan to soak up the gravy - ono!

              5. L&L barbecue chicken

              6. Grace's chicken katsu

              7. Lilikoi chiffon cake

              8. Liliha bakery coco puffs

              9. Cheese enchiladas with mole sauce, pref. from El Burrito on Piikoi

              10. Bean chimichangas

              11. Pad Thai

              12. Fish 'n' chips with malt vinegar(the real fresh English kine, not the frozen kine)


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                Re: 12 best foods

                1. Peanut butter and red cherry preserves on fresh Love's bread...when it's really gummy.

                2. Peanut butter and Miracle Whip on the same Love's bread.

                3. Rotini cooked just al dente with plain marinara sauce.

                4. Inari

                5. Plain rice with a little shoyu.

                6. Stir fried tofu in garlic sauce.

                7. Baked potato served with a little BBQ sauce.

                8. Pad Thai with tofu.

                9. Barbequed tofu with rice.

                10. Vegatable fried rice from Local Boy's on Democrat St. in Kalihi. ( I very seldom eat this, but it is good. )

                11. Baked ziti or rotini with no cheese.

                12. Gardenburger with all the fresh veggies and fixings, but no cheese.