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  • ..."Acquired tastes"

    Was reading the "distinguishing local from non-local" thread in Mixed Plate and the subject of balut came up, which made me think of another food that separates the REAL locals from the wannabees...natto. I've never had the stomach to eat it, though my mom would devour it with gusto.

    Any other "acquired tastes"?

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    Re: ..."Acquired tastes"

    Natto rolls are awesome! Are you talking about the fermented soybean paste natto rolls? They are some ono. I don't think there is much aquiring a taste to them, like balut...but I don't remember when I first starting eating them...I think I always have!

    As for balut...salted or not...never had it, and never will!


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      Re: ..."Acquired tastes"

      Natto is OK in small quantities.

      But how about ‘opihi, now there's a local acquired taste for you. Man, I don't know why Hawaiians risk their lives dodging waves to harvest those little buggahs. Salty and tough and rubbery. No thanks.


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        Re: ..."Acquired tastes"

        I know, I know: Kilawen Bindongo (raw liver,beef,tripe with bile) mixed together. Some mean the taste.

        Pinapaitan: Beef Intestines, bile, beef, tripe....cooked

        Dinoguan: Pig's blood, pork, intestines, and heart.

        Aki Raw liver...this is the best of the bestest!

        Auntie Lynn
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          Stinky Foods that Actually Taste Delicious (