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  • Orangeade

    Anybody remember Orangeade? I used to drink quarts of the stuff when I was a small kid. They discontinued production sometime in the late 60s or early 70s (I think) because those little cans used lead solder (hmmm...maybe that's why I'm defective ).

    Anyway, I recently stumbled across Minute Maid's Orange Tangerine Light fruit flavored drink (only 15 cals per 8 oz. glass). Stuff tastes almost exactly like the Orangeade I used to drink as a kid. Hopefully, places like Safeway in Hawai'i have it in stock. Minute Maid is a Coke product, so if Safeway doesn't carry it, I'm sure if there were people asking for it locally, they would start carrying it.

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    Re: Orangeade

    As seen on another thread:

    The Exchange goes round round round and down down down in your tum tum tum. Makes your mind go yum yum yum that an oragneade called exchange...
    Whoa, Mista Buss Driva, eh, you can stop the buss o wat?